MINECRAFT COFFIN DANCE FUNERAL MEME (official) Ft. Enderman - Astronomia Cover Parody

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So the Coffin Funeral Dance Meme... In MINECRAFT! 2020 is fun. No note blocks here. The Coffin Dance is needed in Minecraft. Animation time!
#minecraft #coffindance #meme #animation #astronomia
As seen on the all new SONIC MOVIE IN MINECRAFT 8! Watch below!
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MINECRAFT COFFIN DANCE FUNERAL MEME (official) Ft. Enderman - Astronomia Cover Parody

  • so funny i laugh

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  • When the player dies

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  • This doesn’t make sense the Enderman literally woke up from his ded

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  • This is from sonic 8

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  • can u do ender dragon coffin dance?

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