SONIC MOVIE IN MINECRAFT! Episode 7 (official) Minecraft Animation Series

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Endermen vs. Sonic EXE. An all new 2020 Minecraft Animation Series adventure. This Movie features battles between Sonic.exe and Endermen. Goku, and Sonic The Hedgehog. Teaming up with Sonic, Sonic.exe is closer to getting three chaos emeralds. With time running out, Dr. Robotnik has crossed worlds to begin his Minecraft take over.
Sonic The Hedgehog IN MINECRAFT 7 is part of an original Minecraft Animation series brought to you by Futuristichub! It will have 10 episodes, and many more seasons for 2020. This episodes introduces the all new Sonic and Sonic.EXE. Which begs the question. Where is Super Sonic? Dr. Robotnik and some Endermen are hot on the trail.
ICE SCREAM in MINECRAFT 2 (Ice Scream 3)
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  • i liked and subscribed can i haev won chaos emerald

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