PIGGY vs BALDI ROBLOX CHALLENGE 3! Ft SONIC horror Chapter 1 Peppa Granny Minecraft Animation Game

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Piggy Roblox Chapter Series Animation in Minecraft Ft. Baldi's Basics, Baldi. Peppa Pig EXE looks like Granny Piggy and there are 12 chapters now. This is Chapter 1. Piggy House is just like Granny's. The game is in Roblox and now, we're taking it into the Minecraft world. Join Baldi and other friends like Sonic, Mario, Steve, and more as they take on a crazy looking Granny. THIS IS PART 3!
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Special thanks to TaroAtlas
Download Piggy Chapter 1 House World MAP! www.planetminecraft.com/project/piggy-chapter-1-1-12-2/
FuturisticHub team as Voice of Baldi and Sonic The Hedgehog
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This is PIGGY VS BALDI GAME official Minecraft Animation Game Horror and Fun! Want more Baldi? Looks like GRANNY. Subscribe! If Piggy Roblox Basics were in Granny's House, this is a taste of what you would see. Baldi's Basics. Maybe a dash of Sonic and Mario and Spongebob!

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  • In the real piggy story piggy cannot crawl and Georgie has a bat and when Baldi shoes piggy she should be out for 20 seconds

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  • Piggy but is baldi now 🤣 hahaha

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  • Hope you don’t get hit baldi

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  • What is the show can you make a penny one penny wise one please I always wanted to see it please

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  • Who’s body is evil monster piggy you got a pistol I mean Baldy does sonic and this is me I am a girl so would you marry me

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  • That 5 foot pig or something like you said he’s a dumb little pig Baldy smack him with your ruler and hit him with a bat five times and he will be gone I mean like forever

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  • I like how George comes at the end and help Baldy

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  • Baldie I like jack green shirt and let's awesome I like your hat too candle Looks like a cowboy Oranges I like Playtime because he's jump rope looks really fun you know I like jump playing jump rope

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  • Omg George save Baldi

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  • Why Baldi keep missing his shot

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  • Minecraft copy the Roblox in Piggy

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  • Wtf there more ammo in gun with baldi while holding it

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  • I wonder what is up with Baldi

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    • @Sojib ALI huh

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    • @Christina Willoughby ⁰⁰9⁰⁰

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    • No because baldi had the gun

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  • 8:13“ Hey get away from my bus get your own bus!”

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    • That’s my favorite part it was so funny I died

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  • 5:57 and when baldi said “my students are way braver than you and they’re only 9 years old!” It made me laugh so hard!😂😂😂

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